This page is all about this adventure through pictures, personal thoughts and impressions on this journey called: Life.

Majoring in Computer Science, IT&C is the life route that brings the food to my table.

My path has been tumultuously full of choices and experiences that helped me outgrow some people, moments, childhood and other little things without which I wouldn't be the person I am today.  I do what makes me feel happy and achieved. Long before I decided to major in Computer Science I wanted and passioned on something else. Art, discovery, bohemian spaces, fulfilled my need of creation but ,,damaged" my wallet but this was not the reason I rerouted to something totally different.

After taking time and bumping my head on different jobs and many tries I discovered something that combines my need of creation and practically a way of making money.

I also love to immortalize moments, feelings, faces in pictures. This little reminding passion gives me a live though on the  the places I have been to and the all things I was able to see.

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If there is anyone in need of a website or web development & design, you could contact me at

I find myself committed to this activity - traveling. Makes me happy. Happy to meet architectures, people, buildings, etc. I believe that traveling is some sort of a lifestyle. I obviously do not afford it all the time but I guess from time to time we all deserve a well spent vacation.

There are many things to say. Let's just stop here and see what is there to come!


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