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I guess there is no stopping when it comes to this continuous changing process. I mean look at this, tomorrow Prince Harry will marry this American actress, opening her doors to royalty. I could not even mention how this news would impact the aristocracy 50 years ago, 100 years ago. Now seems pretty common. Or not.

Therefore we are subjects, inquiring, experiencing, starting this world phenomena which is change.

I stop and question myself if we are really living what we experience every day. If we are having a taste and actually absorbing all the information coming to us daily. Or just run through it as Usain Bolt on that Olympic stadium.  I don’t really think that this fast-paced rhythm is constructive. I don’t think is very disadvantageous either.

I am facing the situation somewhere in between.  Concerns about being dead socially? Without access to what this world is all about and gain the privacy one really needs? Or just throw yourself in the crowd and live the moment. Live it as where you are, 2018, a year where you live though other people’s eyes, likes and comments. Both options are very alluring at first sight.

In the age of drama, depression and other bullshit excuses of you being weak, we feed from likes, shares, comments and standing ovations to portray the non-existing happiness. When we turn off that phone and see that we are actually very lonely, we frustrate. Then yet again we post another picture as a pill taken to take off the edge.

On the other hand keeping it simple. Talking, texting, overall keeping in touch with whoever matters, be seen by your intimate circle. Closest people. Run from that mesmerizing addictive state.  All this will just bring more happiness and stability.  I believe the ultimate power is the endurance on being alone. Not all the time but nowadays people don’t let pass 30 minutes without checking their phones to see if they have been contacted by someone.

Laws,  principles among other things are so much changed and we are changing with them. How come nowadays hearing that<< somebody has cancer>> sounds exactly the same as << I am going to the market>>. We all have the power to choose what we want, it is just a matter of choice.

I recently killed myself socially. Many reasons coming along. I had experienced moments, people, entourages, different types of characters. People with so much money, people with less and people with none. Luxurious parties,  having a kebab on the board walk, expensive cars, busses and trains where it smelled like crap and the list goes on. I have set my dreams, my hopes and I envisioned the person I want to be. I do that constantly. I found myself in the eyes of the wrong people.  Knowledge is power and power is not in many cases visible.

I realised that my time was so much consumed on other people’s businesses and I was not focusing on mine. I also realised that many online actions is pushing some people away.  Also what we see online is very interpretable and makes people jump to very wrong conclusions. I decided to avoid that in the future.

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