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There are many people in the world that feel Christmas as a second chance.



I believe it is about time to spread some good Christmas vibes.

It has been some time here in London and the days go by so fast. I was wondering around the streets and I filled myself with excitement and joy at the comforting Christmas decorations that top up the city.

The pictures could give you a vivid image of what such an experience is. It makes you ask yourself what did you do all year?  How the hell did it pass so fast? And I keep on asking myself how did this summer go by so fast…

This year has been nothing but a great year, full of experiences and where I can admit I came across this level of maturity that many would pay for. Things and actions taught me to do better next time, treat people nicer, apologies to the ones I have hurt and move on to the next chapter. You cannot keep on rewriting the same page forever.  Well, to be honest I have been doing this for the last couple of years.  -moving on.

This time of year is controversial, many would say is a great time because you get to receive gifts and all that. I personally believe you get another opportunity to set up your path. You mindfully analyse the way you will follow in order to succeed. Why do I think that?  I guess when this time of year comes, one gets close related to traditions, religion, customs, etc. Therefore, spiritually you are able to get to  what your essence is, think things through and be great.

Learn to say no to what does not define you. Learn to do what you love and what makes you comfortable. Being you is the main key to your success. Be strong and meditate your way through hard times.  Set up goals, keep promises, get around with friends, tell stories, communicate. If you feel sad, sorry, unhappy, say it out loud even if it is to yourself in the mirror. You would be surprised on the effect.

Take walks and think on your accomplishments this year. I have some great ones.  Take hot and cold showers and think on what you failed at. I have some of those as well.

Be auto responsible for what you learn, what you need to learn and do it.  The power is always in you.  I find myself looking in the mirror, saying – you can do this! I am sure I can. I did achieve plenty this way.

Happy Holidays


Prepare To Have Your Heart Heated Up By The London Christmas Lights 3 - Do you Christmas?

covent garden christmas lig 1024x683 - Do you Christmas?

OXST 1 zps6j0iknwq 1024x739 - Do you Christmas?

                                               The Oxford Street Christmas lights.
                                                   © Paul Marriott Photography

727504 1 - Do you Christmas?

image 2 1024x683 - Do you Christmas?

image 1 1024x683 - Do you Christmas?

64131 640x360 oxford street christmas lights istock 640 - Do you Christmas?

80150 - Do you Christmas?

Bond Street2 a - Do you Christmas?

image 1024x669 - Do you Christmas?




Screen Shot 2017 06 22 at 10.20.47 PM 1024x194 - Do you Christmas?

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