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I hereby today confess of being in love. In love with watches. I remember my first watch was given to me by my father. This Nike Sports watch, Neil Armstrong limites series. I enjoy it everyday up until today.

I have been into so many sports watches this period of my life since I have adopted sport outfits more. I recently wondered around London’s cyber space and run into a brand that fucked my mind. What I love the most is the simplicity. I like how out of something so simple and plain could ring the loudest bells.

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I am talking about Bond Street. Established in Britain, their watches are better quality,more water resistant and offer a far more affordable price tag than that of other
minimalist Watches on the market. Usually, this would be more than enough for me towant to promote a product to my readers. But this is just a small part.  I would enjoy wearing the silver bracelet white background watch with a white shirt and black tie… I would also love to put the leather bracelet watch with a nice suit and some great shoes. You get a great variety of combinations due to Bond Street Watches minimalist style.

BR 3 683x1024 - I am in #love.

I have ordered the two and I cannot wait for my Valentine’s Day present. I know this sounds sad but since there is nobody to make any presents to me I took care of it myself. I very w

ell took advantage of their discount.  For their

Valentine’s Day campaign they have launched their NSFW website called
www.BondStreetAfterDark.com to go alongside www.BondStreetWatches.com 

You can use the code VALENTINESDAY to claim 18% off on both sites. 

You can also check out their tagged Instagram photos here to see more of their sexy ad
campaign. –> www.Instagram.com/bondstreetwatches 

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There is another thing that I really love about them. Bond Street Watches is probably one of the
best minimalist brands on the market this year. It’s the audacity of their Marketing.
They focused on Beautiful women from across the globe to market their Mayfair
Collection. Influencers, Celebrities and models showcased Bond Street watches to the
world in a way that had never been done before by a Watch Company, and it certainly
paid off.

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What do you think?  Leave me a comment either here or Instagram.


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