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You want a piece of me?

I have previously written about my passion for photography and sightseeing. I get very excited on designs, windows, cultures, religions, architectural ages, doors and all other aspects you would find in the world. I have the perfect platform for that which is Instagram so I can show my art. I believe it gives the perfect exposure and great publicity and it is not even about that.

What excites me the most is looking at buildings, especially the old ones that give that savour of old and forgotten. I have this imaginative process that takes me right at the beginning of things  where it all started.  I think of how the houses were used and managed in the past, how people were dressing, what years and trends were back then and so many other little things you could never think of.  I sit and stare for minutes and take pictures. I like to have the vivid memory of what I think in my pictures. I build some sort of a zone where I can relax and taste a bit of culture in the same time.

During old ages, many styles here in England imprinted on the architecture of  the surroundings.Staring from the oldest which you could see nowadays on so many ancient Irish, Scottish and English castles Anglo-Saxon architecture,  then on Norman architecture and Vernacular architecture, which has no important differences or notable cadences in order to make a greater difference.

Tudor transition comes with another approach to the old English architecture and starts a chain of changes that you could also see today under the styles of: Stuart architecture, Georgian architecture, Victorian architecture.

There are so many articles regarding this on the internet such as Wikipedia or other websites. I am not getting into the subject here since this post stands for something else.

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I believe by doing this I have an activity that gives me comfort, plays with my imagination, creativity and makes me useful besides the fact that fills me with history data and information, just like when I was a kid.


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