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There are few words I concluded around this month…


There comes a time when you become a professional/semi-professional or whatever has anything to do with this area where you have to pay your own bills. I am surrounded by so many young people who work endlessly for some more pocket money or just to pay their own utilities. The rest are just those who are enjoying life with papa’s money and shaking it hard in BMW’s with no idea of what hard times really mean. After thinking about all this I put up together this mantra when I was struggling to wake up one morning for work. Why do we have to work?  Why do we have to spend so much time in an office or construction sites  or whatever other places one can get for work?

I am asking myself  the same question over  and over again and the only answer is money. You would be crazy to say that you are doing it for another reasons in the first instance or how you would read those inspirational quotes on instagram:”Travel more.”,”You only live once.”,”Dream big.”Do what you love.” etc…

Truth is, I use all these quotes too, I think about them every morning as a solution to bring me out of this madness we all live in everyday.  You wouldn’t  go anywhere if you wouldn’t be working or you wouldn’t have any sugar daddy to support your lips, ass, cheeks or any other body part that can take some hialuronic. You wouldn’t even know how to use #mydubai if you wouldn’t  do some escort to round your capital as a Personal Trainer. I speak in a generic term and I own every word.  People work hard in their own ways to keep up with the pressure of living in this world. Sometimes this pressure can be wrenching for peoples personality.  You would not be able to be nothing, do nothing without an activity that pays for all your wishes and needs.

The question is why do we have to do it? And why do we do it? Why do we go to work every morning?

I would start to answer these questions I asked myself  with a continuation of the above confessed. Money! To live, to eat, to continue a day to day cycle contributing to economy, environment, politics, etc. We are also doing it because we are all governed by capital and physical goods. We are owned by these small captivating controlling items that hilariously turn us into fools to think that a smartphone could change your social status. Or because of the way you portray yourself is well channeled by the fact that your trips to Wien, Punta Cana, etc, are saying something about yourself or your character.Big mistake.  We do it so we could afford, we do it because we want to have what others have, to satisfy morbid momentarily needs. We do it because we are influenced by what we see everyday, following what social media makes of us with its everyday spells. This is why we do it.

To be honest this is a reality and some ugly truth we all have inside or at least the majority. As a saving bell I would continue by saying that we have to do it so we wouldn’t be left out, not to feel disconsidered by our circles, feel human, have a payback, satisfy personal needs and so many other good excuses. Therefore the ends justify the means. Or not just so much.

There is this other version we all say when we go to an interview or when we are in the spotlight of talking about ourselves. I want to to this because it will help my career path, in order to become a better professional, enrich my mind, learn and produce more. I would also want to do this to be able to move, show my contribution etc. This is well applied to some and not so much to others. Could be a lie, could be just some truthful words said to make it right.  We all do it ,we will be doing it and so on..

I personally try to find a balance between what I say, think, do and I am doing a really good job so far.  I know and accept the fact that I am working for money but also to expand my knowledge. I do it because I love being surrounded by people, making friends, also to satisfy my  constant need of belonging. I do it because  my life was not provided with benefits like others. And I love it this way. I do it because I want to be able to see new things whenever I want. Satisfy my passions and feel important for myself.

We want, we brag, we crave, we visit, we enrich our minds everyday by doing all these activities that we do. Just make sure you do it with a personal purpose. A real purpose.  Do it to be part of something, work to feel needed. Work to contribute to yourself, to others and to your own success.

Thought of pouring down some of these words before they turn around and get all messed up in my head.


With respect, 


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